Top Performing Organizations Recognize That Educated Employees Are Their Most Valuable Asset


Our Online Advantage degree offerings are job & family friendly, delivering measurable value to hospitals, corporations and their employees.

Our online Job and Family Friendly degree offerings bridge the gap between inflexible classroom-based education and an organization’s academic needs.


Our Online Advantage minimizes workplace disruption, enhances employee loyalty, reduces turnover and recruiting costs.

About Us

Hospitals and Corporations:

Optimize your company's tuition reimbursement, minimize workplace disruption, enhance employee loyalty, reduce turnover and recruiting costs.


Income Opportunities:

Individuals, Multi-Level-Marketing Program for marketing oriented individuals who have Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. followers.  


Product Representatives, Earn 30% by offering our Online advantage to your Hospital and Corporate customers.

  • Lowest Cost Degree Options.

  • Minimal Workplace and Family Disruption.

  • Better Informed Leaders.

  • Biggest Selection of Job Specific Degrees.