DegreesAnywhere has the oldest & largest online degree website in the world.  We have the only website which provides comprehensive and comparative information about online degree programs.


So many new job-specific and industry-specific degrees were introduced in the last 4 or 5 years that there is a now a much greater selection of degrees available online than on-campus.  For example, while there are typically four to six MBA concentrations offered on-campus, there are 168 different online MBA concentrations.

The Healthcare database includes not only nursing degrees, etc. but also healthcare ‘related’ degrees such as 46 MBAs in Healthcare Administration, 26 Bachelors in Health Information Technology, 10 Associate in Medical Coding, etc.  The Comprehensive database contains all the degrees in the database and the International database contains only degrees available internationally.



Hospital and Corporate Programs:

  • Employee access to our databases. 

  • We can also create a Custom Website which displays only the degrees and/or subject areas your company wishes to promote.

  • We host onsite seminars and/or webinars to employees to dispel the Myths and Misunderstandings surrounding Online Learning and explain the many benefits of an online education.   Benefits are:

    • Online Learning allows employees to ‘Flex’ their educational demands minimizing workplace disruption.

    • Lowest Cost.  Optimize your company's tuition reimbursement and minimize your employees expenses with flexible part-time programs.

    • Online students engage with a more diverse student body producing better educated leaders.

    • An incredible selection of job-specific degrees found only online.

  • If your organization has specific degree programs you wish to offer, we will develop seminars/webinars to promote those programs internally.  We can manage employee enrollment in the programs, provide prerequisite verifications and manage an in-house online cohort if desired.

To discuss your academic needs and price quote, contact:

Bjarne Jensen, President



Income Opportunities:


Individuals: Degrees Anywhere, LLC offers a Multi-Level-Marketing Program to marketing oriented individuals who have Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. followers.  It is an opportunity to earn sales commissions, not only from your own sales, but from 2nd level sales, 3rd level sales, etc.


1st level sales receive 30% commission ($15).  A 2nd level sale earns the (2nd level) seller 30% but you, the 1st level, also receive 7.5% on sales made by 2nd level seller, and so on with the commission rate in half with each added sales level.


Product Representatives, Earn 30% by offering our Online Advantage to your Hospital and Corporate customers.



Bjarne Jensen, President