Benefits of Online College and University Programs


The Question


Why should I get my degree online versus attending on campus?

Listed below is some information we have prepared for you to answer typical questions.  If any of your questions are not addressed below, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Online Programs


The reasons people elect to attend online college instead of an on-campus college or university are varied.  However, consider that 91% of online students report the online experience is equal to or better than traditional classroom instruction.  Only 9% feel traditional classroom instruction is better. 


There are some important factors to consider when trying to decide if an online program would be a better choice for you than an on-campus program.


Online College Costs


Online degrees are very affordable and many can offer you an emphasis in a degree program that on campus universities are unable to provide.  While private non-profit and for-profit colleges charge the same rate for in-state and out-of-state students, most state and county supported schools charge additional tuition to out-of-state students.  In some cases it is a significant upcharge.


However, big cost savings are possible because regionally accredited online programs can be selected without regard to their location.  For instance, the University of Eastern New Mexico offers an online MBA for $7,170!

Flexible Study Time


If you are a working parent, or have other life responsibilities that could keep you from attending an in-person class, online college courses are the right solution.  At online colleges you “attend” virtual classes on your own preferred time, from your own computer, watching lecture videos, online tutorials, participating in virtual classrooms, discussion groups and taking online tests.  With the availability of taped online lectures, you can also watch the class as many times as needed. 


Social Aspects


Online programs are constantly evolving and because you are in class with people from all over the world, the global learning experience is much more valuable than being on campus. 


Time Requirements


Campus degree programs require more time than online colleges, and your schedule is less flexible. The amount of actual time spent in class is comparable between online degree programs and campus programs, but when travel time and the lack of flexibility to choose when to attend your class are taken into account, online programs are much less time consuming