Jim Weidner - Flexibility of Distance Learning

"As a hospital CEO, I could not advance my career without a Master’s Degree but my busy schedule would not allow me to complete a traditional degree program.  Using www.DegreesAnywhere.com/search  I was able to select a regionally accredited college that offered a Master’s in Health Administration.  Now potential employers have responded positively to my combination of an advanced degree and multiple years of experience rolled into one package"


Katrina McCarver - Convenience of Distance Learning

“A mentor introduced me to www.DegreesAnywhere.com/search  and it was a gold mine of information.  There is no other site available that contains over 300 regionally accredited US colleges and over 7500 degrees all organized in an unbiased, user friendly fashion. I was able to structure an affordable degree in my chosen field and have decided to work on an advanced degree."

Jeanne Jensen - Preferred the Learning Format

“I earned a master's degree by distance learning. I am a Vice President at a healthcare system in the Midwest. 20 years ago I wanted a Master's degree in Health Services Administration and I preferred writing papers rather than taking tests."