Our mission is to provide unbiased, objective, comprehensive and comparative information about online degree programs to Hospitals and Corporations.  Our low-cost Online Advantage degree offerings are job & family friendly thereby delivering measurable value to hospitals, corporations and their employees.

DegreesAnywhere has the oldest & largest online degree website in the world.  The website is organized so visitors can search by degree name and see all the colleges which offer that degree and they can search by college name to see all the online degrees which the college offers.  When searching by degree name the colleges are displayed lowest cost first.


There are now more degree subjects available online than on-campus.  Our websites contain thousands of ‘niche’ and specialty degrees not available on local campuses.  For example, while there are typically 4 to 6 different on-campus MBA concentrations, there are168 different MBA concentrations available online.



We partner only with regionally accredited colleges & universities ensuring the highest-quality online learning experience. 


Our Online Advantage programs bridge the gap between inflexible classroom-based education and an organization’s academic needs. DegreesAnywhere believes that in order to fully benefit hospitals and corporations, their academic offerings must accommodate employees’ work obligations and their family needs.