The Online Advantage To Hospitals & Corporations


  • Online Degrees Are the Lowest Cost Option:  We offer many online degree options that are much less expensive than attending a local university.  By offering only regionally accredited schools, school location is immaterial. Students and employers can select the least expensive academic option available from anywhere in the United States.  For instance, an online MBA from Eastern New Mexico University costs only $7,170.  The cost of an online MBA in Healthcare from Kansas is only $13,640.  In most cases, tuition reimbursement will cover the entire cost of a part-time online degree.


  • Online Learning is Job Friendly.  Online degrees are flexible and adapt to changing work and family needs.   Online Learning allows employees to ‘Flex’ their educational demands in order to accommodate job and family circumstances.  School work can be done anywhere and at any time. That flexibility minimizes workplace disruption, enhances employee loyalty, reduces turnover and recruiting costs.


  • Online Learning Students Engage with a Diverse Student Body: Online programs draw students from all over the United States. Online classroom discussions offer a broader range of experiences and perspectives compared to local campus based programs.  Employers benefit when their Leaders have a broad understanding of issues and thus make better informed decisions.


  • There is an Huge Selection of Job Specific Degrees Available Only Online: Essentially all of the online degrees introduced in the last 4 to 5 years are very job specific. Online employees can choose a degree focused specifically on their career path. For instance, an MSN is now available online in 28 different concentrations and, while an MBA is typically available from local universities in 4-6 concentrations, MBAs are presently available online in 168 different concentrations.


Company Benefits of Embracing the Online Advantage...


  • Lowest Cost Degree Options.

  • Minimal Workplace and Family Disruption.

  • Better Informed Leaders.

  • Biggest Selection of Job Specific Degrees.


In 2014, 91% of online students report that the online experience is as good or better than the traditional classroom experience. 


Horses filled the streets of America in1913.  Even street cars in San Francisco and New York were still pulled by horses.  But, by 1913, most people were embracing the future and were buying cars instead of horses.


So why, in 2016, would you not consider our Online Advantage instead of trational classrooms?